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What we do

Got one of those urgent projects but no one on hand to deal with it right now? Let us manage it for you.

We’ll design the questionnaire, get an estimate for fieldwork, liaise with your panel vendor (all subject to your approval, of course) and make sure you get your results on time.

Your company subscribes to industry databases that give you access to a wealth of information but you’re so swamped you never get a chance to look at it. How many of those “I wonder…” moments could you respond to if you only had the time?

Let us do the desk research and give you the answers you need when you need them.

Need help garnering strategic insights from your research findings?

We are well positioned to extract meaningful information from your research data. Our decades-long exposure to a wide range of industries and business problems affords us the perspective to elevate our analysis and add value well beyond mundane crosstabs and bar charts.

Do the gems in your research findings remain hidden because your audience is bored and thinking about their next meeting? Don’t let your lack of time (or PowerPoint skills) prevent you from imparting your message.

We can help you turn those text-heavy and boring slides into a ‘wow’ presentation that engages your colleagues and impresses your boss.

Three good reasons for using Caldo

Especially in difficult economic times, companies and research agencies find it hard to justify adding to their permanent staff complement. Indeed, many continue to shed staff, placing an ever-greater burden on those tasked with gathering, interpreting and disseminating strategic market information for the benefit of their organizations.

Caldo Inc. provides a ‘lean’ solution: high-level skills and experience, available on short notice as and when required

Value and service
Extra capacity when you need it

Anyone who has ever worked in market research knows that requirements never come at a steady, predictable pace. Invariably, several projects all arrive at once, putting immense pressure on already-stretched resources. At times like these, access to a reliable, high-quality external support agency can be a life-saver.

Caldo Inc. expands your overflow capacity, giving you peace of mind in today’s resource-constrained world

If you find that the important things on your To Do list are continually being pushed to the back of the line by urgent new requests, we can help.

Give us your longer-term wish list and let us start working on it. Before you know it, you’ll be able to check off those items you never thought you’d get to!

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