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A business tool that measures and monitors conditions outside the walls of your business, where success or failure depend on whether you’re a few percentage points better or worse than your competitors.


PercentEdge focuses on the overall relationships between you and your stakeholders, not just on specific recent interactions


PercentEdge measures your performance on key indicators that your stakeholders look for and value in their relationship with your company


PercentEdge is syndicated, so you can tell not only how you’re doing, but also how you compare to your industry's best and worst performers


PercentEdge is ongoing so you can track your progress and be alerted quickly should any performance issues arise


PercentEdge is a highly affordable solution to help you navigate the uncertain times ahead

In a highly competitive market, being consistently one or two percent better than your rivals is likewise the edge that makes the difference between keeping your customers and losing them.

PercentEdge is an instrument designed to help you monitor your relationships with key stakeholders, identify deficiencies and set you on a path to gaining and maintaining a competitive edge in your market.


The PercentEdge programme is a Caldo Inc. initiative