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Some Use Cases

Those small, irksome projects needing a fast turnaround? Let us take them off your hands. We’ll design the questionnaire, get an estimate for fieldwork, liaise with your panel vendor (all subject to your approval, of course) and make sure you get results on time

You have access to a wealth of information but you’re so swamped you never get a chance to look at it. How many of those “I wonder…” moments could you respond to if you only had the time? Let us curate that content for you and give you the answers you need when you need them

Need help distilling strategic insights from your survey findings? We are well positioned to extract meaningful information from your research data. Our decades-long exposure to a wide range of industries and business problems gives us the perspective to elevate our analysis and add value well beyond mundane cross-tabs and bar charts

Do the gems in your research findings remain hidden because your audience is bored and thinking about their next meeting? Don’t let your lack of time (or PowerPoint skills) prevent you from imparting your message. We can help you turn a bunch of ‘meh’ PPT slides into a ‘wow’ presentation that engages your colleagues and impresses your boss

Ever get the feeling that the team’s just too close to the problem to see the obvious?

If you need help coming up with ideas, concepts, statements, or attributes that you’d like to test in a survey, just ask us.

We’ve been around the block a few times and chances are we’ll be able to offer a fresh perspective

How it Works