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Doug Eatwell

Founder and CEO

With a passion for understanding stakeholder behaviour, and decades of experience in market research, business analysis and data science, Doug has established himself as a world-class CSat and CX specialist in the eyes of his peers and clients alike. He has spearheaded hundreds of projects for many well-known companies, including Conagra Brands, Siemens, Schneider Electric, ABB, Canon and Microsoft, to name only a few.

Focused, results-oriented and creative, his greatest source of professional enjoyment comes from developing tools and techniques to help senior executives make sense of the complex behavioural and attitudinal challenges routinely encountered in business.

He is a strong blend of entrepreneur and pragmatist with an ability to identify challenges and then apply his analytical skills and years of experience to draw sound conclusions and make insightful recommendations.

Jonathan Harrod

Growth Partner - UK

Jonathan prides himself on a strong reputation for achieving very ambitious objectives, beating expectations, engaging with stakeholders, optimizing team collaboration and elevating commercial performance.

He has a long track record in successful business leadership, with extensive experience in international consulting and business development involving high-value B2B solutions. He possesses outstanding problem-solving and troubleshooting skills and is able to gain a quick understanding of complex issues and deliver strategies aligned to business needs.

His recent assignments span the globe from the UK and Europe to the USA, India and the Far East, where he has established and nurtured key relationships with multiple FTSE-100 and Top-250 leadership teams across a wide range of sectors, including companies such as Nissan, BP, General Dynamics, Anglo American, Nestlé, IBM, Mellon Bank and Shell.

Jonathan is currently spearheading our PercentEdge initiative in the United Kingdom.